Become a Homemeal host

You like cooking at home and receive guests? Thanks to Homemeal you can now show your talents as a Chef, living a unique experience with people from all around the world!

The average budget for a host for a meal receiving 4 people:

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60 €

For a breakfast

Giving an average per guest of

15 €

100 €

For a brunch

Giving an average per guest of

25 €

140 €

For a lunch

Giving an average per guest of

35 €

196 €

For a diner

Giving an average per guest of

49 €

Estimations are made on the basis of an event welcoming 4 guests. Those calculation take in account the cost of the ingredients or other spendings used to prepare the event. This amount can also vary in function of your fees, of the type of meal you offer and plates included in your meal, on the season and also other factors.


for free

Start by creating your publication, a bit like a profile for your meal.

What does a publication include?

You just fill the description, take and upload pictures, then define a price and a date. Your publication allows users to have a precise idea of the service you are providing.

Who can book my table?

You are basically the one choosing that. Preferences in terms of reservation allow you to adapt your offer following what you want.

We’re here to help

Homemeal helps you to prepare your meal and understand your duties in terms of local legislation: we will be here at every step.

Guests make a reservation

You receive a demand for a reservation and a message from your guest.

Send messages to your guests

The exchange of message online allows you to know your guest and answer all of their questions.

Organise a meeting after confirmation

When a reservation is made, you have the ability to choose the date and time of arrival.

Receive your guests

Some hosts offer some entertainment before the meal, some other just chat with the guests. You are the one deciding of your way of receiving.

Start with the essential

Most of hosts put up a table for the meal, and the most often a small aperitif before the meal.

How do the guests pay?

Homemeal handles the payment process so you don’t have to worry about the financial transaction. Guests are debited before their arrival.

How is done the wire-transfer to my account?

The wire-transfer is done via Paypal or international wire-transfer. This will be done 48 hours after the reservation.

Homemeal fees

Making a publication is free. Homemeal takes 15% of service fees to the guests.

How do I fix my fees?

You are the master of that. Try to fix a price that takes in account the time spent cooking and the price of the ingredients used for your meal.

Homemeal insurance

You are insured for free for every experience Homemeal organised. Our guarantee protects you as a host or as a guest for any damage to the amount of 300,000€.

Secured transactions

All transactions are secured and your data is protected. Homemeal transfers the amount on the host bank account 48 hours after the experience.

Trust and safety.

Guests have a profile and a profile picture. Once the meal is over, everyone (guests and host) has the opportunity to leave a comment. Those are a guarantee that the guests had a respectful behaviour toward the host.

So much more than money

Hosts join a community that like to meet new people. Homemeal will provide you with authentic moments around a table.

Be a real Chef for one night!