Book a table at a local host house, and go eat by yourself or with friends!

Travel to other countries

One of our main standards is to respect the different cultures with tolerance, acceptance and hospitality. This is why Homemeal is your best option when traveling to different places, since food gathers a big amount of culture.
Trips to other countries are based on submerging in other cultures that you don’t know, and trying to experience their values with authenticity. If these principals are what you are looking for when you land somewhere new, Homemeal can help you enjoy other cultures at its finest. When you travel somewhere different, don’t hesitate in using out platform to go meet the locals and taste the truly homemade food of the region.

Private meals

Homemeal’s core concept is based on gathering different people around a table to let them enjoy the flavours of different gastronomic cultures while they have a good time meeting new friends. This is why you can operate as a private host who opens his or her house to offer people a taste of your best meals, or you can operate as a new guest asking for a reservation at the place that you prefer in your area.
Whether you cook or you make a reservation, you will always find a great time with new people and enjoy company while you have a delicious homemade meal. You can use this tool from all parts of the world!

Larger events

Maybe the food in itself is not that important to you. Maybe your thing is to throw the most amazing parties and organizing the most incredible events. Then, Homemeal is also your place.
Homemeal allows you to create an event to invite people over to maybe watch an interesting basketball match on Sunday, or maybe you prefer to organize a party for Valentine’s Day. You might have an unbelievable artistic performance that you want everyone to see.
Whatever you are willing to share with the world, you can do it with Homemeal!

Cooking classes

Homemeal is much more than connecting particulars to enjoy a meal, since you can learn as well. If what you are looking for is to find some cooking classes, Homemeal offers many hosts willing to do it.
Make a reservation for the cooking class that you prefer and speak with the teacher in order to invite him or her to your place for the lesson to start, or join a group of people with the same desire as you and go together to the teacher’s place.
If your case was to be the teacher, don’t hesitate in joining in our web and create your own recipes to show to your future students.



Find a publication

Pick a place of your choice and discover our Homemeal hosts with the experiences that they offer: a view on the Eiffel Tower, a wine tasting on a Parisian rooftop… Just pick what you want!

Make a reservation with a host

When you have made up your mind, just pick a publication and then click on “Ask for a reservation”. Your host will be alerted and you will be able to communicate directly with him or her.

Go to your reservation

All that is left to do is enjoy! Discover the different cultures and ambiances offered by our Homemeal host, and have the taste of authentic human moment.


Propose a meal

You’d like to share the cook that you like with people coming from everywhere? On Homemeal, click on “Become a host” and offer the experience that you want. You will just then have to put a description and put your publication online!

Handle your publications

When you receive demands, handle your reservations as you want: communicate with your guests and choose who you want to receive over. Once you agreed on a certain meal, don’t hesitate to go further in the discussion, sharing good adresses etc…

Welcome your guests

It’s the D-Day! A true moment of authenticity and sharing is awaiting… Discover new cultures in order to live a unique experience. We will send you your payment the day after by wire-transfer.